Children Deserve More youth Foundation, Inc. is a non profit 501(c)3 corporation.  The organization was founded to provide support and services to our local community while empowering our youth and developing future leaders by Changing the World one Child at a Time.



Our organization depends on the support of our friends, family, community and corporate sponsors.  These donations allow us to give back to the community and many times help those who are less fortunate by donating to individual organizations who provide services some of which are lifesaving to the children of our local community

As a foundation, our current focus is to offer programs that will not only touch the lives of our local youth, but allow individuals with skill and talent to assist in helping our children grow as members of society.


Our hope is to one day be a National and Internationally known organizaion.  Not measured by the size of our facility or the funds we raise, but measured only by the individual lives that have been changed.


Children Deserve More Youth Foundation, Inc.  is registered with the IRS, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer services, and Guidestar. This means that all donations received are not only tax deductible, but also reported to the State of Florida